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EPC Power inverters extensively tested and officially authorized for use with Primus Power flow batteries

EPC Power Corp. successfully completed rigorous integration testing with Primus Power flow batteries. EPC UL-certified smart inverters are now authorized by Primus for installation and integration with Primus batteries to support the growing need for energy storage products globally. 

Dubbed the “Light bearer of flow battery technologies” by Energy CIO Insights magazine, Primus completed the testing at its Hayward, Calif., headquarters, verifying that EPC inverters meet the required fast response and smart inverter command setpoints to be compatible with Primus batteries.

Not all inverters and batteries reliably work well together; however, EPC inverters have emerged as the exception due to their flexible interface and parameterized controls that ensure the inverters work with various architectures and a wide range of batteries. Earning this authorization from Primus will further cement EPC’s reputation for reliability and adaptability.

Increasing energy requirements demand power conversion technology that is not only reliable and efficient but also compact. Unlike anything else on the market today, EPC products are more powerful yet smaller than previously thought possible. Primus also brings next-generation technologies to market including flow batteries that work with a single tank instead of the conventional two-tank design, which drastically reduces battery size.

EPC is proud to advance energy conversion and storage technologies alongside Primus, whose single-tank flow batteries were featured in a Vox article on “storage frontiers.”