Power Modules / Energy Storage

DG Module

EPC’s high power conversion modules are designed to be reliable and easily integrated into larger systems. The air-cooled module gives the integrator or OEM the most compact and reliable PCS available with the simplicity of air-cooled, system-level designs. 

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DG Wide Range DC

Designed with reliability and robustness in mind, the liquid cooled module is a study in simplicity. With available power ratings of up to 250kW per module, this energy storage PCS will take your system with DC voltage as low as 48V to the next level. 

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EPIC 500

EPC’s outdoor cabinet for distributed generation packs the power and smarts to enable you to deploy highly scalable power conversion in less time. Integrating distributed generation, battery energy storage, and utility supply has never been easier...or smaller. 

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More power than you expect. Smaller than you imagine.  

Decentralizing power production reduces the cost and complexity of electricity distribution, but it also drives the need for battery storage and power conversion to efficiently manage energy supply and demand. EPC Energy Storage modules stand ready to meet this growing market segment. They easily integrate high-performance battery storage with power generation and other grid-connected systems.