MG Module: Highly Scalable. Highly powerful.

Liquid-cooled Microgrid Power Module
165kW |Liquid-Cooled | AC-DC | DC-AC

Engineered to provide years of reliable service in the harshest environments.

EPC’s microgrid (MG) module is designed from the ground up to enable you to quickly deploy a scalable, stable microgrid. The EPC microgrid module eliminates the need for a transformer, allowing direct connection to existing 4-wire building infrastructure. Integrating distributed generation, battery energy storage, and utility supply has never been easier...or smaller. Our microgrid modules are compatible with all battery chemistries.

Microgrid modules may be paralleled to achieve any desired power rating. When paralleled, they can still be controlled together or independently, and automatically act as an n-redundant system.

Specs at a Glance

Completely Parallelable
4-Quadrant Operation
Fully Bi-Directional


  • TDD <2%
  • Peak efficiency >97%
  • 50 & 60 Hz operation
  • Multimode operation:
    • Grid-tie and off-grid
    • Parallel UPS backup
  • 200 kVA overload capacity
  • Real and reactive power control
  • Flicker-free resynchronization and reconnection of critical loads after grid outages
  • Fully bi-directional

Liquid Cooled • AC-DC • DC-AC

Electrical Specifications
DG LC12/6-5
480 VRMS | 740 VDC
Frequency range 50 - 60 Hz (field settable)
AC voltage range 208 to 480 VRMS
Continuous output power @ 480 VRMS 150 kW | 200 kVA
Peak output power (VA, e.g. motor starts) 200 kVA
AC port configuration 3-wire, 4-wire, or split-phase
Control modes Voltage command (island), PQ, current command, UPS mode
Current harmonics IEEE 1547 compliant, <2% TDD
Continuous AC current 350 ARMS
DC current / voltage 230 ADC | 300-650 VDC
Environmental Specifications
Ambient temperature (operation) -20°C to +40°C
Ambient temperature (storage) -20°C to +40°C
Humidity 98% maximum (non-condensing)
Max elevation 2,000m [6,500 ft]
Airborne noise <70 dBA @ 1m
Cooling Liquid
Permissible coolant 25-50% EGW or PGW | corrosion inhibitors per ASTM D6210
Coolant temperature range -20°C to +60°C (de-rating applies above +40°C)
Temperature de-rating 1% /°C from +40°C to +60°C coolant inlet
General Specifications
Maximum dimensions (H x W x D) 511mm x 168mm x 445mm [20.1” x 6.6” x 17.5”]
Weight excluding filters 30 kg [65 lb]
Mounting Wall or floor mount | all orientations permissible
Control interface CAN or Modbus RS485
Required control power 24VDC [18V-27V range], 25W
Black start capable Yes (24V external source required)
Safety features overvoltage, overcurrent, & thermal trips, adjustable IEEE 1547 trip points
Standards compliance UL 1741 (pending)
Warranty 2 year standard | 5 and 10 year available