Power Modules

The ideal solution for OEMs and engineers seeking a powerful, compact power conversion system (PCS) to fit neatly inside your product.

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Cabinet Systems

For system integrators needing quick deployment, cabinet systems plug into a variety of applications with minimal engineering required. 

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Powerful Performance.

EPC Power is the power conversion system (PCS) provider that unites engineering precision with industrial strength to build high-capacity, compact power-conversion products adaptable for unlimited applications.

Tech Specs

The innovation built into EPC Power Conversion Products is helping our clients transform the electrical power sector. 

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Innovation Leader.

Our engineers take pride in developing the most innovative and compact power conversion systems on the market. Some of the advanced capabilities include:

  • 4 Quadrant Operation
  • Fully bi-directional
  • 50 & 60 Hz Compatible
  • <2% THD

Handles any battery chemistry & DC voltage

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About EPC

Increasing energy requirements demand power conversion technology that is compact, efficient and reliable. EPC Power delivers with innovative products that are stable, powerful and smaller than you ever thought possible. In fact, they fit neatly into a variety of applications including distributed generation, microgrid, transportation, renewable energy, industrial manufacturing and many more. We go beyond your expectations to deliver precisely what you need. EPC Power. Proven products. Limitless possibilities.



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