Power Conversion for Almost Any Environment.

Amazing adaptability is built into EPC Power Conversion Systems. Compatibility features include high-power density, multi-port connectivity, enclosures up to IP 67, and 50Hz / 60Hz frequency capability. EPC’s PCS has the ability to convert any AC or DC voltage in either direction. This flexibility and performance make our industry leading PCS products useful anywhere power conversion is needed.



Energy Storage
EPC's Cabinet and Rack Mount PCS  accept a wide range of DC input from a battery or other DC source and produce AC power.  With microgrid, UPS, and blackstart capability, EPC’s PCS can Power nearly any load, building, or remote facility.  From 250kW to 6MW or more running systems in parallel. 

Solar Plus Storage
Use EPC Power Rack Mount Conversion to DC connect solar and battery energy storage for improved efficiency and maximum revenue potential.


  • Central Solar inverters from 1.5MW to 6MW
  • Throat connection option
  • Match transformer options
  • Skidded solutions available 

Environments with inconsistent or no grid availability call for EPC Power’s reliable, bi-directional PCS with multiple connections to storage, grid and generators.  EPC’s industry leading  high performance controls allow for UPS functionality, high speed transitions, and black start.

DC/DC Conversion
Perfect for direct connection of solar to battery energy storage EPC’s DC/DC PCS can maximize the efficiency of your site.  Low voltage sources like flow batteries can also be boosted to provide a higher voltage.

Flow Battery/Fuel Cell
Add our power converters to make the most out of your low voltage system.  Our DC/DC PCS can work with any voltage up to 1500V.