Find a Solution to Your Most Difficult Problem.

Many of the world’s top OEMs, engineers, and system integrators look to EPC Power to help overcome their energy conversion challenges. From Grid scale 1500V energy storage systems, rack mount 500kW PCS with UPS, microgrid and full 4-quadrant operation, to flywheel and pulse energy systems. EPC Power PCS are durable, high performance, and cost effective.


Cabinet Systems

  • Up to 1500V DC
  • 1.5MW to 6MW
  • Black start
  • Grid forming or following 
  • Skidded options
  • Matched transformer options

Rack Mount Systems

  • 250kW to 500kW
  • Black Start
  • Grid Forming or Following
  • Microgrid
  • Solar + Storage

Special Systems

  • Bi-directional flywheel motor drive
  • Fusion reactor pulse energy system
  • Medium voltage motor drives